Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yellow Woman

My family knows to paint my face yellow when I pass to the other side so that the Great Mother knows that I am a woman.

I am Kochinnenako and I dance on the sacred circle that surrounds my people. I am a Woman’s Woman, the spirit of all women.
I encircle all women from the first who emerged at the beginning of time to the last to pass over at the end of time.
I am the beginning and the future.
I was thought into existence by Thought Woman. The Great Corn Mother, Irriaku, breathed her yellow life into me. Red Spider Woman weaved together the fabric that connects me to the world. I continue to exist through the blue Old Woman who tends the heart fire. I exist through all of the Grandmothers of the light who bring us Dawn and who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life though and into inner and outer worlds.
I exist through… Radiant movements, Powerful songs, Essential stories.
I freely and effortlessly move in and out of the hearts, minds and spirit of all women. I live among the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, singers, dancers, basket weavers, fire tenders, rain makers, bone singers, pottery makers, rush gatherers, root pickers, healers and wind walkers.
I have the ability to recover ancient values, restore life and hope and I sing to greet the coming day.
I whisper in the ears of daughters to come away with me, to let me sing them to the other side.
To the side of blossoms and of reason.
To the side of abundance and wisdom.
I am Kochinnenako and I dance on the sacred circle that surrounds my people.

Come away with me.
Leave your home to come home with me.
This way. This way.
My adventures are extra-ordinary.
My journeys are of awareness and imagination. I will take you to the other side so that you may return to your village with your baskets filled with balance and prosperity. I will nourish you and quench your thirst. I am resourceful and you will be safe.
We will flee into the juniper forests to the mossy sandstone edge of the spring. We will lounge sleepily under the cottonwood trees and pick cattails and wild watercress. We will get close to the ground and listen to the whispers of the snakes as they reveal secret information directly from Mother Earth. We will skip with frogs and toads, the beloved children of rain clouds.
And we will laugh… and laugh… and laugh… and laugh.
We will perch ourselves on a rocky island in a sea of tall grass and smoke the sacred pipe as we watch masked dancers make love to White Buffalo Woman. Her four winds will comb our hair from the front, back and side to side. And we will wrap ourselves in snow white blankets dropped from the moon and gaze at the stars through a thousand eyes. We will wait in the center of the universe for Kurena, the sunrise, and drink from her rays.
We will thunder after injustice and cry clean tears into our dirty waters. We will breathe in dirty air and clean it with our very own lungs.
I will take you deep into the mountains to take Ka’tsinas as lovers and become brides down under the earth where heat rushes like a flash flood touching every inch of you.
We will give birth to twin sons with magnetic forces and leave them in the company of their fathers.
We will have sovereignty over our own lives.
I am Kochinnenako and I dance on the sacred circle that surrounds my people.

I will return you to your clan with the loveliness of passion, daring strength and fearless sensuality.
I will show you that true beauty is really only harmony and health walking side-by-side and you will be a strong and sturdy woman. We will wrap your legs in soft buckskin to protect them from the hard work. They will look like tree trunks, muscular and robust.
I will teach you how to handle ladders with great ease and sniff out good mud.
Clear water will pass through you and feed your creativity like a wild river that runs underground. Your creativity has the potential to feed a continent and one creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone.
And you will be filled with love.
You are Kochinnenako and you will dance along the sacred circle that surrounds all people.

Rochelle Bayless Simon

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